M272 (SLK280) Inlet Manifold parts options ?

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Apr 18, 2011
E220 CDI
I am about to take delivery of a 2007 SLK 280 with a known inlet manifold swirl flap issue, as its apparently visible from outside I am guessing that plastic lever has broken.

I have done a lot of research so far and the general consensus seems to be to just bite the bullet and replace the manifold complete, generally the school of thought is that the broken lever is the net result and not the cause, and that there are small parts internal to the manifold that can easily break and end up in your engine. As 'my car' has now done around 170,000 miles I can easily imagine that it could be heading in that direction so I am pretty much convinced to fork out many hundreds of pounds for the manifold (rather than about £70 to just fix the lever using the X8R aluminium product).

But, there are quite a few suppliers of the manifold and although the Peirburg part seems to be the most recommended I also see parts from quite a few other suppliers, so I was wondering if anyone on here had fitted anything other than a Peirburg part. I am currently favouring NTY as an alternative supplier as it looks good and seems to be available for around £350, as opposed to £550 for the Peirburg part (although Autodoc are charging £536 for the NTY part). I know that it typically doesn't pay to buy 'cheap parts' so I probably should just fork out the £550 and have done but I am thrifty by nature and to just ignore possibly decent, cheaper alternatives goes against the grain.

Please let me have the benefit of your experiences (positive or negative) in regard to this part.

Thanks in advance


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