M40 Oxfordshire shut, car transporter shed load

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Nov 11, 2003
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Part of the M40 is closed in both directions after a car transporter carrying vehicles hits the central reservation, shedding its load.

Wonder what cars they are, no reports of injuries at the mo so that's positive...

If the cars are all over the M40 causing disruption they'll be Audis or BM's :rolleyes:
Apparently a truck load of fruit and a truck load of sugar were also involved.

Seems to have caused quite a jam.
This was the traffic jam I was stuck in. 2hrs to do 2 miles. Dull dull dull.
Even more painful when I saw so many cars using the hard shoulder to take the Gaydon exit - illegal, but that was also the same exit all 3 lanes were being forced to take.
better not be any cars being delivered to Mercland!!

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