Macbook Pro and Macbook Air Ram

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My Air has 4gb ram and is significantly faster than my wife's pro which is only 2gb ram, duh yes I know it should be.

Is it really as simple as buying 2 x 4gb ram cards from eBay for 20 quid each and bobs your uncle as long as I have bought the right cards, which ever I plug them into becomes lightening fast ?

My limited understanding is rom is where stuff is stored and ram is what processes stuff, so I don't need to back anything up, is that right ?

Thanks guys and sorry if any of the above is IT 101.

I wouldn't buy your RAM on eBay - use Crucial, for a few pounds more you get a high quality product, guarantee and excellent service:

8GB Kit (4GBx2), 204-pin SODIMM, DDR3 PC3-8500 upgrades for Apple MacBook Pro 2.53GHz Intel Core i5 (17-inch DDR3) MC024LL/A Laptop/Notebook, CT1226781 from

page 45 here:

If your MBPro is different from the one above, check here: Apple - Support - Manuals

You don't need to backup anything for RAM upgrade as such, but it's a good idea to do at least your time machine backup.

Also a good idea to get one of these: Anti-static Wristband Wrist Strap / Band ESD Discharge | eBay

Good luck :thumb:

ROM - read only memory, it's a few chips with data stored permanently (i.e. firmware), or your recorded CDR/DVDR (CD-ROM)
RAM - random access memory, where OS stores stuff it is working with, or expects it to be called up shortly
Your data files, programs and OS are on HDD - hard disc drive, or SSD - solid state drive (as in MBAir)
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Does you Air have a SSD drive? As that will also make a difference to data retrieval especially.

Just be aware that if it does, it is another factor that the additional memory will not be able to compete with.
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Yes Ive got the 256 SSD and the Air is quick enough, plus I'm not sure I can upgrade memory on the Air, it say no user upgradeable memory options, or words to that effect.

Its the Pro that is running slow, so think I might invest in £70s worth of 2x4gbs and see if that helps it out.
IM(very)HO you'd be taking much too big a risk by not following the advice to go the Crucial route for the sake of a few quid.

I'm no IT whizz, but read the instructions carefully, got the right sized mini crosshead screwdriver and was all done in under ten minutes!
Good advice re the Crucial route guys, thanks.

Mrs Mozzer's Pro is much quicker now (and so are 4 more at work !!!)
Nothing scientific, I simply launched the same applications from a blank desktop and saw whether the Pro was still thinking about opening the first application (xl) by the time the Air had opened up the whole office suite, safari and chrome, which was pretty much the case prior to the upgrade.

But now they are on a par.

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