Mad March Group Buy - we need your help !!


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Jul 21, 2002
Hi Lads - I know this is basically an advert - but bear with me - Mark (wax wizard) posted this earlier on the MG Rover forum and a couple of emails went back and forth between Mark, Koolvin and myself to extend this to our forum users too!

So read away - and help out if possible

Remeber Mark is coming up to the GTG on Sun so lets fill his car up !! - but you havn't got long (end of the month) to get the Coupons collected !!

Even if you are not intending to get anything from Mark - bring the coupons along - lets make MBClub the biggest single donation of coupons from the UK forums !

Ring the wife /girlfriend/mum/cousins and all their workmates etc - and lets get everyone collecting like mad until Sunday :) - after all its in a very good cause

Dont forget this runs until the end of the month - so I'll be taking any excess in (in my local area) to forward to Mark afterwards

Copied form MGR forum

Mad march Group Buy Yes it is about to happen. Re,member peeps this forum will get a donation from each purchaser from this forum to go towards the running costs etc.
The Mad March Group Buy is also a huge charity fund raising event. In order to participate in the Mad March Group Buy, participants will need to provide and send us something along with their order form
Entry requirement: each participant MUST provide ORIGINAL MONEY OFF VOUCHERS totalling a minimum of £10. These vouchers can be "MONEY OFF" for things like meals, services, travel, food, meals, whatever you care to think of. My wife found one the other day for £50 off Botox injections! We even do not mind if we even get some foreign Money Off vouchers. The vouchers must be original and no photocopies accepted. Also, percentage off vouchers will be excluded.
The vouchers will be handed over to Cancer Research. We are aiming to raise around 200 respondents donating £10 or more. Our target is to raise between £6000 and £10,000 in Money Off vouchers for “CANCER RESEARCH”.
There will be prizes for the wackiest money token and another prize for the person who sends in the most "Money Off" tokens. Last week thru looking thru papers and magazines etc my wife amassed a total of nearly £100 in vouchers. Even things like 5p off per litre in fuel mat Safeway's are acceptable providing we have the complete and original till receipt showing the store name and address.
Also within the group buy one lucky person will get a free upgrade to say a Concours wax from a Saphir wax. One lucky person picked at random will win a Mystery Wax. Somebody else, again at random will win a free make over.
There will also be deals on starter kit/master with or without a make over service. Also there will be makeovers available as well.
There will also be deals on engine/alloy wheel clean kits, top up packs etc.
We will also be offering our new product called Paint Sealant. This can be applied to vehicles upto 10 yrs old from date of 1st UK registration, be they UK supplied cars or personal or grey imports. With each treatment the owner will be given 5 litres of detergent free shampoo, 5 litres of MC2 Multiclean (for alloy wheel cleaning) a pot of wax, wax applicator and 2 buff towels. Further supplies of these products (MC2 Multiclean, shampoo, wax etc) can be purchased by the owner as and when required. A certificate will be issued to the owner after treatment and registration mark and chassis number will be displayed on the certificate. Please keep your certificate together with other car related documents.
In the unlikely event that should there be a loss of gloss and or paint colour fade; we will at our expense come to you to carry out remedial treatment if so required. We CANNOT warrant against misuse (automated car washes etc, bird dropping acid stains etc. Full details will be published in the group buy.
Each vehicle will undergo a daylong comprehensive make over where wheels are removed etc.
Warranty: for cars aged brand new to 2 yrs old the warranty is for YOUR LIFETIME ownership of the vehicle. If the vehicle is sold on before the vehicle reaches its 5th birthday (from 1st date of UK registration) the warranty shall pass to the new owner buy shall expire on the 10th birthday (10 yrs from 1st date of UK registration).
For vehicles between 2 yrs old and 5 yrs old the warranty will expire on the 10th anniversary of 1st date of UK registration.
For cars between 5yrs and 10 yrs old the warranty will remain in force for a period of 5 yrs from date of application.
Any interested persons please do email me from Monday 3rd March onewards to:



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Jun 1, 2002
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oh sugar I forgot to post about this one!! Sorry Mark!!!

wax wizard

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Feb 5, 2003
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:) Due to a technical outage with blueyonder for 7 dyas last week, the event started yesterday Monday 10th March and closes 1700 hrs Friday 4th April.

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