Mad4it028's W202 - on 19's!

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Jul 14, 2002
Audi A3 & S4 quattro
I like this - think they suit the car well. Very nice. What exhaust do you have?

Don't believe in fake badging though.

God damn it!! Those are the alloys I want!! Everyone's got them but me. :(

I think is looks SICK from the back, except for the chrome around the plate, I reckon you should get rid of that, but I'm loving the black + smoked rear lights. Damn gangsta.

Agree with Graham, not too sure about the badges... Merc never made a 3 litre model for AMG to mess around with. Not sure if it is C30, that's what it looks like... But if it's C36, then it ain't right because you'd have the AMG bodykit on there. Debadge it. And get rid of the badges on the sides too.

Great job! Love those wheels. I want em. :\
My initial reaction was "urgh", but you know what? It's a grower! :)

I would never have thought that those wheels would have looked good on a pre-facelift w202 with stock bodywork etc but they look great! :D
how much were those wheels? are they MB wheels? LOVELY. What tyres have you got on?
Wheels are smart, I wonder what had to be cut away to stop them rubbing though....
nice wheels, agree with graham, the badges look stupid as you can blatently see its not a c36! like badging a 1.1 escort with a RS turbo sticker, without the kit!

just need to get a kit to cover the gap between the car and the ground now!

Also dont like the blacked out rear lights! thats just me tho! :)
Yep, get rid of the badges altogether and just put facelift rear clusters, then the car will look respectable..

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