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So in January you take this deal and hand over 2.2k as an initial payment, which is said to be 9 months' payment, but then in February you start paying the regular amount of 250 quid?

Initial payment is usually 1 month after delivery. Then yes, 23 payments of £250+vat thereafter. (On this particular deal anyhow)

The 9 months is the depost. I guess it's a way of easily working out different options. 3-6-9 or 12 months deposit are most common. The more deposit, the less the monthlys.
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There may also be an additional admin fee with some suppliers.

The whole thing is weird - expressing the initial deposit as a multiple of the rental seems to be an industry convention to hide the deposit and focus on the monthly price.

£199 for whitewater which is taken up on acceptance of finance agreement.

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