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    Last Friday I attended my second funeral of the year. And on both occasions, the funeral was for someone who was lost far too early.

    You will know about my cousin from my previous thread (37 years old), but this time it was a 48 year old. Still, it's no age to go.

    The chap in question I admit I did not know particularly well, but I felt compelled to attend his funeral as a mark of respect for all he did in the community, and for both my boys who have benefitted from his experience and time freely given. He was a leader in the local Boys Brigade group, of which my boys attend, and have done for years. but it still comes as a nasty shock. 48!

    The chap was out on the annual church weekend camping adventure and simply keeled over whilst out on a cycling trip. No warning or feeling unwell. Just out happily riding along and suddenly bang! in a heap on the floor - dead. The real tragedy is that he leaves a 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter.

    I guess I'm thinking about my own mortality a little more these days. My mum went at 50 and I thought that was early (which it was of course), but these two are something else.

    No replies needed (what can you say?), unless you want to of course.

    Stay safe, folks.
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