Man smashed up S63

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yes, exchange and refund is an alien concept in the far east, I came from Hong Kong, I was astonished when i found out people here could refund for the stuff they have used, over there you would be stupid to ask
I wonder if he is upset about something...

At least if he parks it in a car park, it's unlikely any new damage will show up.
ph47mf, enlighten me please?
ph47mf, enlighten me please?

What do you want to know?

Well, if you bought something from a reputable shop and it's faulty, you can argue for an exchange. You won't get a refund. Go to the small independent shops, you get neither. Best thing is to check the goods and your change in front of them before you leave, they won't believe you if you go back 5 min later saying something is wrong.
Wow. So there's no "cooling off period", or distance selling regulations etc? Statutory rights are very different then.

Does this apply to all goods? If you bought a microwave from an electronics shop, got it home and it didn't work, you'd struggle to get a replacement?

I'm glad we have such good consumer rights laws in this country!
That's dreadful.


He must work on his clubhead speed: "crack the whip."
No great loss, plenty more luxo barges where this came from. Maybe next time he should order a care from the USA or Europe where his rights as a consumer MIGHT be respected a little more.

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