Managed to fix the sunvisor light by getting another visor

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Jun 28, 2023
I know this seems a bit strange, however, allow me to explain, the sunvisor light in my passenger side was not turning on when the cover was flipped.

Being the dumbass that I am I didn’t consult the forum. I just went at it with a prybar and a screwdriver Broke the mirror, another seven years bad luck! But the useful thing was, I found out how you can actually remove the mirror and surround, without breaking the mirror. As long as you know where the mounting posts are, you can carefully pry it out. Here are a few pictures of some of the carnage. By the way I couldn’t find a visor too match so I ordered grey one and took the mirror and mounting plus the cover out of it. I am a Muppet I know, but hopefully some people can learn from my mistakes.

By the way the masking tape is covering up a cut caused by an angle grinder, obviously you use an angle grinder to cut up a sun visor, right?

The last image shows the holes, use once only, fixings for the mounting posts.

Feel free to incessantly mock me, I have skin thicker than my head (and that’s thick! Even though an angle grinder can give a nick worthy of five stitches)

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