Marker light warning message

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Jan 11, 2015
Morning all. I have a w204 diesel estate from 2011. I have a dash warning message showing left and right rear marker bulbs. all the bulbs on the car are working as they should. The warning only came on after I changed a cracked rear light lens.
At that time only the right side was showing as a fault. I got both sides message after I swapped the left side bulbs for the right. I can clear the codes with Icarsoft but they come back straight away. Both connector blocks to the bulb holders look as new as do both both bulb boards. I have bought four new Ring bulbs and fitted to both sides but just the same.

I have disconnected the battery overnight but the message is still on the next morning. Icarsoft says there is a short to positive or an open circuit. I dont know what to do next I forgot to say the car has been standing with the battery disconnected for a few months. Thanks John.
A mate had a quick look and found the push in glass bulbs had blown. I have changed the front marker bulbs and instead of throwing them I put them in a pot. why I dont know.
They got mixed up with new ones as I have been messing with the car for hours. Two new bulbs later and all is good. I didnt know what to say I must be an idiot. Thanks John.

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