massive mobile bill! beware the fine print!


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May 5, 2010
harwich, essex. UK
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Usually pay about 40£ a month for my mobile use.

Just been billed £165.93 because i apparently exceeded my internet usage!

(iphone 4 on 12 month contract, (750 mins and 5000 texts and unlimited data.)
I queried how this happened and why i received no warning. Also pointed out that I was within the country and using the phone as I always do, and have never gone over the allowance before.
furthermore i was supposedly on an unlimited internet plan.
I was told unlimited internet actually means 500mb a month :wallbash: and that they are under no compunction to tell me when i am approaching or exceeding this!
I am confused angry and feeling swindled. :(

so here's hoping this helps others get ripped off, and also wondering if anyone has any advice regarding what i can do about it...

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