Matching members to faces.....

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I may as well get involved here;

here's me last summer while i had the courtesy S320:


and one of my on my 23rd birthday night out a couple of months ago:


Looks like things got a bit messy!:D
Youve got a big red X across your mush!
Lol nice spot.

That should obviously be "here"
Or should it be? :p

K.Hertz i think it should be the other way round. I turn into a grey-scale elf after a cigar :p
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Oh well, here goes:

Me (and a bird)


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Separated at birth?....

Come's a step up from Jeremy Beadle surely?

The real funny thing is... I used to have a side parting too till I cut my hair short now it constantly looks messy.

I recon in the grey-scale picture i look a bit like John Rhys-Davies. but that might just be the nose :p
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I look like ...

my avatar :eek: (no not the girlies)

Here's one with more clothes

Old man 33.jpg

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