may they rot in hell

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Mar 25, 2003
Some w**k keyed my bootlid last night. :mad: I hope they die a very painful lonely death after living a pathetic miserable life. ~£250 to fix - having just been made redundant it couldn't have come at a worse time.

well i'm off to the gym to vent some anger :devil: :mad: gggrrrrrrr.............
Its just jealousy... sorry to hear that.

I too hope they get what they deserve too - is it a respray job or will it possibly polish out?

Hope you get it sorted.

Simon, so very sorry to hear that. There's lots of scum about unfortunately, as I know to my cost.

I can't honestly see what they get out of it. If only there was more police officers out and about, instead of "middle managers" doing paperwork.

Chin up, eh matey :)
The problem is we have too many police officers doing civilian jobs in the office and getting paid a police wage. They are paid to poilce and don't do it.
needs a respray - they done a "proper" job - right down to the metal.
sympathies chuck - that's pure evil and selfishness. Fell for ya! :(
pammy said:
sympathies chuck - that's pure evil and selfishness. Fell for ya! :(

Fall for me pammy, I'm far more fun than he is! :)

Seriously though, these bast*rds should be taken out and shot. This is wilful wanton destruction of someone elses property for no reason, and I hope that they get what they deserve.

:eek: :eek: you're only jealous Brian :D :D
SimonsMerc said:
Fall for me pammy, I'm far more fun than he is! :)
I think you'll have to join the queue.... :devil: :D

Sorry about the damage simonl.
Brian WH said:
Mmmmmmmmmmm??? I'll see you at Clumber Pammy. I'll discuss this with your better half. :D :D

Better half? Who would that be then :p :D that'll be the day :D :D

@PJH - is this an orderly queue :D

Simon - and all you have to deal with is a keyed boot lid :D :D
Simon we are sorry the Pammy fan club spoilt your Thread. :crazy:

I'll try and keep them under control mate, but you know what it's like, its Friday and the warm weather has got the sap rising in the animal world. :D :D
Sorry to hear that Simon.

When I had my first ever car from new ( A BMW 3 series!! :p in 2000) within a week it was keyed and the back window had a brick in it when it was parked on the street!!
I know how it feels and I agree with what you say! :mad:

Hells to good for um :devil: 5 mins in the back of a transit ;)
Sorry to hear the bad news Simon :( Hope the scum get what they deserve.

Will insurance cover the damage? Little consolation but at 250 notes it could have been worse.

Don't be getting any ideas now :devil: ;)

Hi Simon - where did that take place? Saw your car in the car park today (looking smart as ever) but the way it was parked didn't see the damage. Feel for you mate, especially as things are. /B
Brian - the Pammy fan club ain't spoiling the thread. little bit of banter's all good fun :)

Brett - the damage was done overnight while it was parked up near home. I stay in the New Town so it has to go on the street - until i win the lottery and can afford a garage lol. scratch is on the top of the bootlid - driver's side. i'll get a piccy with my phone later today.

Steve - lol. it's a nice thought isn't it...... no point claiming on insurance - they'd only get it back when i renew. i'm fairly sure my excess is more than 250 anyway.

cheers for all the replies folks :)

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