MB Basingstoke 'handled' it brilliantly!

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Mar 11, 2012
Near Folkestone, Kent
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It came away in my hand, honest guv!

I opened the door and the silver trim on the door handle came away.

Have you ever seen this:



I went to my local MB dealer who said he had never seen anything like it. (They noted that none of the glue was touching the trim, it was held on by clips alone).

So I went back to MB Basingstoke, where I bought the car at the end of last year.

They too had never encountered a trim coming off a door handle.

They said the 'part' was in fact the whole handle, and with labour the bill was going to be around £400 inc vat.

I groaned and asked if they could persuade Mercedes of a warrentry claim, or at least a good-will gesture to share the cost. I mean, things are not supposed to just fall off a Mercedes?

Well, what do you know? They came up trumps. They will repair it (new handle) for free.

Well done MB Basingstoke!

I know Main Dealers get a lot of stick, but 'Credit where credit is due' is my motto!

I'm a happy man :)

Thanks MB Basingstoke!

I see that you went to the Charles Atlas school of door opening.
My ar&e it happens loads, ive dont it a few times, the handle seperates and then when you pull it it comes off.

I dont think the part is very expensive. They must be charging BMW labour rates.
I don't think the part is very expensive. They must be charging BMW labour rates.

£218.00 plus vat for the handle, and they throw in the silver trim for free!


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