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Mercedes York were pants on my C Coupe first service. Used them when I bought a C320cdi in 2006 and they were pants then ,but my nearest dealer for miles , so persevered . Might try a Leeds dealer next year or has anyone else a suggestion ...maybe a Teesside dealer ?
E55BOF said:
Why won't they stamp the service book?

If you opt for the value service 7+ years they are not obliged to stamp the service book. If you look at the original link it has an asterisk, then the following:

*Please note that the Value Service does not follow the Manufacturers recommended service schedule.

I'm sure there is at least one member here who had the value service and
had their book stamped. Also if additional work is required based in mileage (e.g spark plugs) and they aren't done they will refuse to stamp the service book.

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