MB breakdown cover

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Feb 5, 2005
I've tried to read what will happen if our car broke down in a EU country and it can't
be repaired roadside. Then taken to a garage and they can't fix it for a week or two.
In the mean time our hols ends and we need to return to the UK. The aforementioned
are possibly scenarios anyone could face

As the gLE will have 5 people and full of luggage .

In the event of the car breaking down as set above:

Would we get a similar sized automatic car and bring that back to the UK
How long could we keep this replacement car at no extra cost.
Who will return our car once fixed.

Is the MB breakdown cover on par with the top flight RAC & AA covers please?

A friend of ours went to Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago their X5 broke down.
Cars 7 years old they have an extended warranty but not with BMW and breakdown with the ?
I think. They said they had the car taken to a local non BMW outfit, they could not repair it. they all paid for their costs to return.
The car is still not repaired and is being brought back on a trailer at a cost of 800 inc vat etc. Not sure if
they had a gold star type breakdown cover/etc


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