MB Cloth Fabric vs MB Tex

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Sep 20, 2005
Hey mates,

I currently have the famous W202 fabric cloth that came in my classic model. I never really liked it too too much since I got the car and have been recently contemplating to change it with MB Tex of the same colour, mostly because it gets dirty so easily and cleaning it is not a breeze. The biggest problem was water stains from a few drops of rain getting when you open the door.

What you guys think? Also, if I have fold down seats wont the replacement seats need to have this feature?

definatly, if you can source a cheap good 2nd hand set, then go for it.

I love my MB-Tex!

You also need to consider leather.

Either way, the easiest fit would be like-for-like replacements, but i guess aslong as you get the connectors etc from the donor car it will be fine.

Just make sure the new seats are manual seats (not electric) as you wont ahve the loom etc for leccy seats. You could probably fit heated ones and just not connect the electrics up.
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