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Mar 21, 2015
Hi all,

For those of you based in the Northeast of England I thought I'd share with you my recent positive experience of getting my car serviced at MB Darlington (Independent Mercedes servicing).

I got a quote of close to £650 from a Main Dealer for an A3 service on my E350 CDi including Air Filters, Brake Fluid Change, Fuel Filter and Pollen Filter. Wasn't having that so looked at Independents in the Teeside area where I work.

Spoke to Billy at MB Darlington who was really helpful and quoted me a price less than 2/3rds of what the Main Dealer wanted and was very clear about the cost of each item.....genuine Mercedes parts as well.

I was able to drop the car off the night before which was no problem.

Car was serviced exactly as planned and at the exact price quoted. I'd mentioned that the front brake discs and pads might need looking at. I was waiting for the dreaded phone call to say they would need replaced but was pleased to hear that they were still ok and had some life left in them.....pretty sure main dealer would have pushed to replace them. They explained to me how the brake pad wear monitoring works as well.

I was made to feel really welcome by the guys there. I get the impression they are real Mercedes enthusiasts. The lads that worked there had many years of Mercedes servicing experience from a Main Dealer, the service was updated on the Mercedes system, Service Indicator reset and the car was returned cleaned and hoovered with a nice jar of sweets to top it off and all for significantly less than Main Dealer.

If you live in the North East might be worth giving them a try.

P.S. I'm in no way related or affiliated to them.
Whereabouts in Darlo ?

I'm guessing McMullen rd lol

I think main dealer in Stkn is now £100 + per hour

Cleveland Industrial Estate, Forge Way I think the road was called.....just north of the Town Centre.

I'll definitely be going back next time service due.
Dont live Darlo any more but know that part of town from years back :)

I will second that! I have been using them for a couple of years now, mainly dealing with Chris. Helpful, knowledgeable, passionate and very competitive on price with excellent customer service.
Nothing is too much trouble and they only carry out work that needs carrying out, oppose to replacing bits prematurely!
good to see the Darlo crowd in :)
Accidentally found this thread, only checking what A3 service includes.

I had a chance to meet this guys, and I could only recommend their service. Even that to get my car there and back from where they are, is a bit of a trip.

Professional, very helpful, and not bothered if you ask them questions, just because you can :)

They kept my car going for a while, as it was booked there for adblue issue but they couldn't do it straight away. Ones a week I went there to "clear" the adblue 500miles counter. Free off charge.

I'm not sure if they my friends anymore, as I try diy-ing hahhaha often giving them a call for a advice :D

Definitely worth trusting.

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