MB Dealer layout in Brisbane, Aus.


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May 16, 2003
Whilst in Australia recently I visited the Centenary Motors dealership in Brisbane. I hadn't been there for a year or two, and was amazed at what I saw.

The site has two showrooms - one for displaying cars to purchase, and another beneath it at the back of the building where purchased cars are ready to be collected. I had never really considered a separate room for collections!

The normal showroom had a decent mix of metal, and was no more exciting than any other site. The collection showroom had two SL500's and an SLK320 - one of the SL500's had been sent out for a different coloured (two tone) interior leather scheme and really looked great. The staff had gone to town on these things with expensive show shines to make them sparkle. I noticed that the collection showroom was littered with AMG/MB merchandise to purchase.

On the back of the sales showroom there was a restaurant where car owners could enjoy a meal/coffee/snack whilst their car was being serviced. It was a very upmarket affair, and the chef really was top class. Around 10 tables for 4 overlooking the service carpark at the rear.

I went downstairs to check the service area out and was shocked at how spacious and clean the area was. Centenary are known for their efforts to be one of the leading dealerships in the state, and their efforts did not go un-noticed. I would have happily got on my hands and nees and licked the floor underneath any of the cars. It was remarkable, and something I don't expect to see again anytime soon. There was not so much as a tyre mark on the floor anywhere.

There was some wizzo new machine in the corner to diagnose suspension issues, but I can't remember too much about it. I'll have to post a picture. All I remember was that it was worth around £40k. A few interesting cars being serviced too - a 'well worn E55' was driven in with totally bald tyres. I seem to remember this car from the local 1/4 mile strip a year or two back (mid-high 12 second passes, gave the local buzzbox boys a fright).

The sales guys were typical, but the service advisors and mechanics were fantastic to speak with. All in all, an interesting trip to one of QLD's better dealers.

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