MB loan car gained wing ding :(

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Aug 30, 2006
W203 C32 AMG, Honda VFR Vtec, Peugeot 205 GTi rally car
Doh darn it.
Taken my C32 in for it's Intercooler to be replaced, and was given a loaner (Enterprise C180) whilst it's in.
During the checks of the car they marked it down as having a dent in the front wing. I saw it and thought nowt much of it, this was on Monday AM.

Tuesday washers were empty, so filled up washer reservoir, dropped bonnet as usual to close it. Again didn't think that much of it.

Now looking at it for the first time in daylight when I raised the bonnet the wing must have been deformed when it was originally bent, and when the bonnet was opened I think it sprung towards the bonnet shut line such that when the bonnet shut it caught the wing right at the front.

Now I notice that the wing has a more unusual shape and you can see that it's got an unusual shape to it.

Now this deformation wasn't on my signed off sheet so I guess it wasn't there, neither was the slight wing / bonnet overlap.

I certainly haven't dinged it whilst the car has been in my use.

What do you reckon they're going to say ? My fault ?

As the sodding washers were empty I had to open the bonnet, I doubt they'd have the bonnet open, otherwise the result would have been the same.

Not amused !

Don't say anything at all and keep quiet (as was not your fault).

When you do the hand over back to Stealership/Enetrprise if you are present whilst they do the visual inspection then distract the person when they come to the front wing area/bonnet by talking about something i.e. how economical on fuel it was or that you get an intermittent bulb warning failure on the MFD!!! I have in past been in a similar situation with a hired W203. If no one inspects car when you return it to Stealership (which they won’t) then you could argue it happened whilst not in your care. ;)
If the damage was noted on hand over then they will normally accept that similar damage will be there on return.
I have recieved cars with damage and had no issues on return.
LastMinute said:
You may be in trouble if your dealer reads this thread :)

It's not like I'm admitting to damaging it here. The opposite infact. I know it was bent when I got it, infact if it wasn't dinged then closing the bonnet wouldn't have been an issue.
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