MB Map Pilot and the MB bullsh!t customer service support


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May 11, 2015
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Car is a October 2016 registered C Class which I updated the Garmin Map Pilot software on 9th February 2016 with 2015 maps. Since then there has been no updates.

A couple of times in the past I have phoned up MB customer support to complain about major motorway junction alterations and bypasses that were completed in the spring of 2015 that still don't show in the car while my £60 portable Garmin with free for life 4 updates a year sat nav has shown these road upgrades for over a year.

MB support have always said that the map software has nothing to do with them and it is a Garmin problem so today I phone Garmin and guess what they say MB controls the release of the software so it isn't a Garmin problem.

[FONT=&quot]On contacting MB support again and telling them it isn’t a Garmin problem they tell me to take the car to a dealer and were surprised that I could do the upgrade myself. When I said I have the latest updates with the 2015 maps the support guy tells me he has seen an email that new mapping software will be released in April. I will wait and see if I was being fed just the latest installment of support bullsh!t but driving a car with 2015 maps is not doing much for my Mercedes experience.[/FONT]


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Nov 13, 2008
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You're lucky - with my early S204 the partition of the HDD is such that the latest maps I can install are 2012, and MB are not going to do anything to allow installation of more recent maps!! This applies to 204's with Comand built before about 11/2009 IIRC.

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