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Apr 12, 2017
Mercedes 300SL

I have a 1986 300SL Mercedes, which I have had for 10 years and is in good condition nut now in need of a little TLC...I am looking for a good mechanic/garage, preferably based in the north west (UK)...I could go to the SL shop, but was looking for something more local, and don't really want to use the local Mercedes dealership...any help would be greatly appreciated.

Look up a company called ccbenz in Macclesfield. They primarily deal with classic mercs. I have used them myself and can recommend them.
Thanks for response...I am just off Jan 16 of the M6 (5 miles from Crewe), so probably a bit too far from Mick, but that was the sort of person I was looking for.
Hi Gav,
I did try ccbenz, but they are booked up for the next 18 months, and not taking booking :(
Considering your location you might want to try
Ian Stuart Motors
They're a 'start up' garage in the last year, I know Ian well and he's a good mechanic and importantly specialises in 'modern classics', meaning he has the right feeling around cars such as yours. Ok he's not Mercedes specific, but he's owned and maintained a few over the years so knows his way around
Thanks...certainly in the right location, so will get i touch with him.
Thanks Codger..this is the second recommendation for Nick...cheers
Here's a 3rd!

Nick and his team are excellent and flexible. Always had positive results from them and loan cars are available.
One of the good things about the Nick Webster set up is that they do have access to used parts, which is ideal if you have an older Mercedes and the cost of a new part would be too painful.
They have a (I think) Romanian mechanic called Edgar. He one of those guys that can fix anything and his knowledge of M-B is vast.
10/10 from me and a nice pleasant team too. :thumb:
That's brilliant...many thanks...good to see there are good independents out there.
Thanks Mike.
I just picked mine up from MB Tech , as above can't fault them really , found the fault that another mb specialist couldn't and rectified it [emoji1303]
Thanks...will update this thread on what happens...cheers
To those that responded, thanks and appreciated...I have managed to get hold of Mick Gudgeon, who was recommended, and he has agreed to travel to work on my car, despite it being a little further than he would normally travel.

I will update further after the work has been done, but Mick seems to know what he is talking about.

Thanks agin.

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