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Oct 4, 2014
Chester le Street
Mercedes CLK 350 Convertible
I bought my 2009 CLK 350 Convertible 2 weeks ago.

I have a wind deflector but unfortunately didn't get the bag it came in.

I rang MB parts and they said they could not sell me the bag but could sell me a complete Wind Deflector including bag.

My reply ' You want me to spend approx. £450 for a bag as I have the deflector already'

His reply ' I'm trying to offer you a reasonable solution'

Is this typical of what I have let myself in for by buying a Merc?


If the part is not listed as a separate item then it cannon be supplied as such.

Coming on here and calling the MB parts department a joke because you cannot get what you want is rather petulant and, as has been shown, a simple search produces what you are looking for.
I certainly was not rude.

But thanks for your help anyway.

The Joke was ' Reasonable Solution'
The one in my link looks mint, £65 isnt too bad to be honest :thumb:
Your link shows that the guy has sold more than one

He also states the MB sell them for £158.

Thanks I purchased the one in your link.

I tried Dealer before anywhere else.
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When it arrives post up the part number as it may help someone else :)
I've got to stick up for the parts department at my main dealer; they're normally the only ones that know what's what with Mercedes.
Ditto. John Thompson (if you have been to mb Bromley you will know what I mean !) and co are all excellent considering how much of a pain in **** I am !
EPC----CAR 209CLK etc ---section REAR BENCH SEAT--ROLL BAR--
Draft Stop---A2098600174= Wind Deflector

Draft Stop " Compartment" A2098600160= bag

Quaintly referred to as a "Reservoir" by Inschcape at £142-46 Think it loses something in the translation.:doh:
EPC lists the bag at 101 euro's + vat

for my 208, its called a "pocket" and is 85 euros +vat. Clearly the 209 version is facelifted with a new name :)
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Parts guys I use are pretty spot on too.

may have been a new in the job or something
I am lucky that my local dealer are mb colindale. They are absolutely fantastic inside out when it comes to the parts dept
MB Central parts guys are superb.

I bought 4 dust caps and got a free wind deflector bag :thumb:.
Never seen so much praise for dealers!

Maybe the Sales and Service dept's can learn something from their Parts dept :)

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