MB sends new £25k car 189 meters down a Cheshire salt mine to prove it has true grit

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Did it come out again or was it all swept under the carpet?
Looks better under ground than on top !
Actually the shape is growing on me depending on the angle of view.

Like the shape as well but not as spacious as I expected it thus ordering a B class. If rumours are true the next GLK will be available as RHD and that should be a better balance overall

Can't see how that has proven anything. Are they leaving it down there to see how long it takes to crumble into rust?
Actually, a salt mine is the best place to avoid rust. That's because salt is hygroscopic - i.e. It attracts water, making the air extremely dry. Strange, but true. You only have to see the old plant they use down the salt mines - very little rust.
What is this - post the daily mail link day:ban:

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