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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mbenz76, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. mbenz76

    mbenz76 MB Enthusiast

    Dec 11, 2009
    E350 AMG Night Edition Premium Plus Saloon
    After I purchased my E350 last year I was pestered with calls from another dealer in the chain trying to sell me MB Service Care. I told them I didn't think it was value for money and would wait until after my first A to decide.

    Any way, had my first A in March and was almost immediatly contacted by the same person.

    Obviously if I get the package now (assuming I keep the car beyond 3 years) then it will include 2 x B's and 1 x A, so potentially better value for money.

    He emailed me prices over to ponder so just wondered what everyone else thought.

    Now £300 is a decent saving, but it's not spectacular when I make most of the outlay before the services.

    Also, what exactly do they do on the services if I have to pay for all the fluid and filters seperately (or is this the dealer pulling my leg)?
  2. markjay

    markjay MB Club Veteran

    Jun 24, 2008
    W204 C180 Executive SE 2013 Automatic / COMAND NTG4.7 and Morel speakers fitted by www.comand.co.uk
    The A and B services are basically just an oil and filter change, plus several checks (more checks on the B).

    And the A and B service therefore do not include the 'additional' items which is everything else on the list.

    The only exception is the Cabin filter / Pollen Filter - I believe it is already included in the B service schedule so should not be charged for again separately.

    Yes, there is a saving there, but...

    (a) if you sell the car, you may get something for the remainder of MB Service Care from a private buyer, but probably not from a dealer. Can the MB Service care be transferred to another MB?

    (b) if your car gets written-off, i.e. stolen, crashed into, catches fire - I believe you have lost the remainder and the MB Service Care?

    (c) What happens if you are unhappy with the MB service and want to go to an independent after year 3 (as I did?)

    I think the deal is OK, but there are just too many 'what if' which would have made it all too risky for me.
  3. Rory

    Rory MB Enthusiast

    Mar 12, 2005
    Cheshire, UK
    C270CDi Estate (late 2004 facelift model)
    Whether they do the ATF seems a big unanswered question with ServiceCare - it seems to mysteriously vansih from the Electronic Service Sheet (ESS) and the dealer will absolutely only do what is called for by the ESS.

    Having said that, the prices quoted above for ATF and brake fluid are definitely on the low side for dealer prices.

    Compared to other makes, MB really isn't offering much with ServiceCare - 5Yrs/60K miles on a 5 Series is £300 if you take it from new.
  4. Biglips

    Biglips Active Member

    Sep 16, 2010
    Offer them less and see what they say. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  5. MarriedBlonde

    MarriedBlonde Active Member

    Jul 9, 2006
    Sunny South Coast (Nr southampton)
    C63 AMG Coupe/ML350 Cdi Sport/69 vw Bus
    I went for the service pack on my e350 and paid less :)

    The pollen filter was extra on the ML when I had it serviced, I think it was something like £70, i can't remeber but it was a comeplte rip off.

  6. A210AMG

    A210AMG MB Enthusiast

    Mar 15, 2007

    All the fluids, filters, etc are extra over and above the 'service' price.

    Is does make be smile what the £349 say for the 'service' acyually is for if all the additional elements are paid for seperatley anyway?

    I would as above say it looks a little exspensive and would be happier to be paying £20 or £25 a month (depnds how cheeky you feel) Leave it and see if they ring back.
  7. steve333

    steve333 MB Enthusiast

    Oct 22, 2009
    Cls350cdi in palladium,C200k in tenorite,Slk320 in red.
    I found this out on my 1st service under the scheme in january,on paper it stated that plugs,filters ,brake fluid were included in the plan but when i booked my car in i was told they would only be changed if the ess called for them to be done.After messing about with the ess making my car various ages/mileages i couldn't get ess to call for spark plugs/atf & filter but i bet if i was paying at the time of the service some/all of them would have be due at an additional cost:rolleyes::mad:

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