MB STAR C3 MULTIPLEXER showing 1.1V Battery Voltage

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Dec 30, 2023
Mercedes W204 AMG 170hp
I am here new, never at any forums before, so if I do wrong way posting pls I apologise.

I have Dell 530 with c3 Star Diagnosis Multiplexer since 4 years and always working fine, using some times for my 3 Merc cars.
Unfortunately I starting to use as usually but after connecting to car od Dell showed me 1.10 volt and no ignition. Anyway I was continuing and no effect with discover a car.
Noticed that if I disconnect from car and Display shows -- volt.....so 12v is for sure and green led light on.

I opened multiplexer and no any signs of burning, swollen, water damage all looks clean and fine. Measured temperature of boards components max 45 Celsius one transistor.

Tested with CESAR and 30 term 0.7 V and 15...0,3 V

It's been connected with 3 cars and 16 obd and old rounded (sprinter 2002)

All same

I was looking on the internet for anyone had same problem and found quite few but no one say exactly how he resolved....shame

Pls if anyone could help me with I ll appreciate it .....maybe some one who can fix it ???

Thanks and regards
why is wrong? pls some more info thx
I answered the wrong thread

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