MB Tier 1 Warranty - mechanical failure - do you have to wait for the breakdown?

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Nov 1, 2013
W221 S320

A specialist told me my suspension needed repair, the car is under a T1 warranty (the specialist had no expectation of making the repair so I'm fairly confident in his motives)

MB said 'there is play in the suspension but it's not enough to fail an MOT (their own MOT specialists) so its not covered under warranty.'

Does anyone have any thoughts about this. I appreciate used cars aren't mechanically perfect but I've got someone telling me its knackered and someone else (who would pay for it) telling me it's not knackered enough.
Tricky one. I would consider having an independent tester have a look at the problem and take it from there. If the tester agrees with MB, monitor the problem. If he doesn't, go back to MB. You may have to suggest independent examination of their tester by DVSA may be the way forward if they still don't agree with Indy + A N Other tester.
Do they consider it wear and tear, being a suspension part? - in which case it's not covered.

Dealers usually like warranty work as MB pays them for it.
Try another dealership

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