MB Work Sheets for S Class Sevicers

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Jan 28, 2016
S Class W221 now sold & driving wife's CLK Covertible W209
Hi All

I am trying to source MB work sheets for servicing my S Class

I have a 2012 S Class W221 - S350 Bluetech CDI 7speed auto

I am interested in seeing what is actualy required for the various services as per MB schedule, I have a C service due and being qouted £908 plus consumables at local MB garage - so thought i would see what Inget for the money.

Also after the gear box service work sheet

Thanks in advance:bannana:

Ive tried this many times and it brings up a petrol engine? :fail

Are you picking the correct model from the dropdown menu?

Edit, pick the S221 CarePlus and you will then be presented with an S350 CDI bLUETEC service sheet.
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Thanks, got there, why does it say a B service when the car itself is telling me a c service?
Basically there are only an A and B service. Minor and major, but for some reason MB add extra items at certain mileages and the C service is the time taken to do the extra work on top of either the A or B service.
I think I explained that OK:confused::D. That's my understanding of it anyway.
Thank you very much, your time and knowledge is much appreciated

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