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apps are signed to a device - the only way to run it would be if your device was jailbroken to run unsigned code. However this is illegal.

Be patient our payment has only just gone through so it will take some time to materialise on the stores.


Hi Vin

Just deleted my Iphone app , as it said there was a 'parse problem' :confused:

Thought i'd reinstall it , but can't find it and the site isn't prompting me to download it like it did the first time ?

Can you help please ?


its a waiting game...Post 57
Now Available!

Excellent, thanks Vin.

I really missed the App, especially being able to upload pics to the Registration plate thread.
Anyone else notice odd behaviour on the App on an IPad?

Sometimes I type a line in a reply to a thread and it seems to not recognise that any typing is on the post ... If I try to move the cursor to edit a word it just sits at the top of the post and won't put it where my finger is on the line to be edited. Send is then also greyed out .... If I hit return Send appears but then I can't send because it says its less than 2 characters even though there is at least 1 line of text..

Is this a known bug guys?
Watch out for the iPad quiz its a con has a charge of 1 pound per text i do not know how many there is as i stopped mine.
I struggle to post from the iPad app at all! It won't recognise typing until I've gone to the advanced menu & back to the editor...

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I will give it a go :)
Just Downloaded the app....

It's useless - it took 4 attempts to get a "log in" form to appear and once I'd managed to sign in, the display is all **** eyed and the menu bar scattered randomaly over the page.

App now in the bin :(
I'm using it to reply to you to say it works fine, posts like this are best under the feedback and testing thread.
can we get the app upgrade for os11 so we can download it?
Needs updating for OS 11, according to the App Store. Is this likely to happen anytime soon?
Is the App still available ?
Is the App still available ?

The old MB Club app is no longer supported on MBclub. You will need to use Tapatalk instead, which is supported.

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