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Sep 3, 2005
Over here, sometimes over there
1994 Mercedes C180 classic
As it is the 1st of September, and yes Christmas is miles away. Would anyone be interested in a big christmas meet? North or South or somewhere in the middle? Venues?

Opinions please. :)
I would think that a weekend date before the festive season, as many of us will be away or otherwise engaged.

And an early start to it might be advisable as there is bu99er all daylight at that time of year.
Not wishing to copy the "Other Side" but.. Beaulieu would be good...
1 vote down south.

In fact why not hold one at my workshop. I could put on some mulled wine and mincer pies.
I'd be game, what about in the middle so as many as possible could go.

Suggestion of a venue? Oh and dates for when would be good?

[I understand that during the run up to the festive season, maybe earlyish December would be good so as not to clash with works dos and family get togethers.]
Start a poll: Down south (where the sun shines) or Up north where it always rains
Somewhere not up't north for a change :)

For a change? Torquay that well known northern fleshpot. The northern lights of Nuneaton.... :rolleyes: ;) ;)

Midlands sounds favourite to me
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