MBClub UK Android Mobile APP out now

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Our forums work better with 98 ron
Koolvin said:
Explain why you purchased a Mercedes and not a BMW as essentially they are the same.

It's personal choice. Try using Forumrunner

How come I feel like I just got chastised for asking a reasonable question?

Where I was going was why go to the expense of writing an app when others exist ? It s a moot point since the app is here ... Not sure if Tapatalk enabling the forum is expensive to do , incompatible with the forum software or just not wanted....

After all you don't write a word processor these days you use what's out there ..

As for Forumrunner it's not on my list of apps I use .. tapatalk works multi platform and I use a range of devices ...as do others I suspect...
OK going to add to the mix, mbclub is listed within tapatalk as an available site.

Did mbclub support it at one point then pull it? If so why, just curious not throwing stones.

Might want to remove the TT listing.
@Koolvin - Will you make the app available on the new Blackberry 10 OS ?
With BB10's Android Runtime Layer you should be able to compile a direct port ?
Is there anywhere which stipulates post number requirements to comment in various areas.

I cannot reply in most areas but cannot find where the post listing rule numbers are.
Aye, that ship came and went...

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