McLaren Chip

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V8 Animal

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Jul 29, 2013
Spoke to a guy today who has a friend with a SL that's had a chip fitted which gives 750 BHP at a £600 cost.
Not heard of this??
Was it fitted to his shoulder ?
Fitted by McLaren? Given I know the company very well, it's not the sort of thing they'd do. They only work on McLaren cars. Unless it was done by someone that works there (on the side), their stuff is very closed doors.
I must admit I was suspicious hence the post.
The McLaren SLR max'ed out at 640bhp for about £300,000 so a chip for £600 with 750bhp........ unlikely.

P.s. tell you mate I have a AMG-Petronas one with 800bhp for £500... no returns.
Good remaps aren't far off that money anyway and the wouldn't return that kind of power on an SL63 alone.

I think the E63 5.5 TT can get close to those claims with just a remap mind I believe.

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