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An IT worker accused of trying to make cows and sheep have sex with him told police he was "just relaxing", a court heard today.

Paul Lovell, 61, was arrested in just his socks and shoes after he was caught by a couple having a picnic near to Tottenham's training ground in Enfield, north London.

They saw Lovell roaming the fields and gesturing towards the animals to encourage them to felate him, Wood Green Crown Court heard.

When he could not get a cow to oblige he attempted to have sex with a sheep from behind, it is claimed.

Fearing for his mental well being, Lawrence Stephen and his girlfriend Natasha Brennan called the police.

When the police arrived and asked Lovell what he was doing, he allegedly replied: "Just relaxing".

"He [Mr Stephen] pointed towards a third person in the field, towards the opposite tree line to that which we had entered by and this I could see from 60-70 metres away - this a white male lying on the ground," said PC James Whitfield who attended the scene.

"What was Mr Lovell doing when you saw him?" asked Robert Hutchinson, prosecuting.

"He was lying on the ground," replied PC Whitfield.

"How was Mr Lovell dressed?"

"He was wearing, from what I could see... shoes, socks and nothing else."

When Lovell caught sight of the police, he started to pull his blue shorts back up to his waist, the court heard.

"He pulled them up from his leg area," the officer said.

"I could tell that he raised his backside off the ground," he said.

"He did this while still lying on the ground, simply raising his behind."

"Was he wearing anything at all on his top half?" Mr Hutchinson asked.

"Nothing at all on his top half," came the reply.

Lovell was found with two cans of Skol lager, the court heard.

Mr Hutchinson asked a second officer PC Ilyas Anwari: "You approached the man and you asked him a question 'what are you doing here' and what did he reply?" asked

"Just relaxing," said who also attended the scene.

Both officers denied the assertion of defence counsel Clare Dowse that they could have been "mistaken" in what they saw.

The defendant had been trying, unsuccessfully, to encourage cows and sheep to his groin area and had come to a stop under a tree after the bemused animals wandered away, it was said.

He refused to answer questions at Edmondton police station and was a "wall of silence", it was said.

Lovell of Magpie Close, Enfield, denies outraging public decency by trying to commit sexual acts with animals in a public place.

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