Mechanical breakdown warranty reminder

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Mar 25, 2007
Just recieved the reminder for the mechanical breakdown warranty, Tier 1. Price £848 for twelve months and have 2 days to comply.

Car is a 52 2003 slk 320. 28,000 miles, 'A' service due in 5,000 miles.

Has anyone ever had a claim on this, is it straight forward, as there seems to be a lot of clauses included in the small print.

Thinking of putting above amount in ISA account and hoping that breakdown does not happen, then doing same next year.

Are there other warranties available as this seems a bit steep, or am I just being tight.

I know the end decision is a personal thing but just wanted opinions.

Seems rather pricey - mine's an 03 SLK 320 and I pay £49 pm for two years;)
Make sure that you and Pammy are talking about the same thing. I may be wrong but I think that, like me, Pammy has signed up to Service Plus. This is a different scheme to the extended mechanical warranty that you are talking about.

I suggest that you follow the link below which will enable you to investigate Service Plus.

You can also search the forum as there are a number of threads about it.
Peter's right - it is service plus ;)
have just checked the service plus thingy out and don't quite understand the difference betwixt the two, will have another look later and will ask the stealers about it tomorrow. Thanks every one.
any other input?
It's why I went with the Service Plus. Offers more than the basic breakdown warranty. My service is due in about 1500 miles and it's ll covered.MoT in July - covered and up to now no breakdowns but you never know.
well Pammy, in a quandry here, Service due in 5000 miles, but, free service from stealers when i biught the car so I reckon on 7 months before that service is carried out if not more, and then 9000 miles ish till next service. MOT due next week, dealers say 50.odd pounds arnold clark say 25 pounds to keep my business as i am an old customer.
What to do,What to do.
When did you buy the car?
so are you saying then it was last serviced over 12 months ago and won't be serviced for another 7 months?

Personally I would get a quote for service plus - it might be worthwhile forgoing the cheap MOT and free service for the service plus. But they'd want a report on the car before covering it anyway I would expect. Give them a call tomorrow. They'll give you a quote over the phone.

£800+ smackers is a heck of a lot for only 12 motnhs cover on a car that hardly does any miles.
What are the service intervals, the last car I had was 10000 or 1 year all I was told with this is watch the dash or press the button twice for info.
I am enjoying the car now as all probs seem to have been ironed out, but compared to last car this is quite a sedate drive as the other was frantic.
The service intervals are dictated by ASSYST. My last service was over 12 months ago - last Feb(o6) iirc with ASSYST saying the next one due on 1500 miles or so. Prob be another 2 months when she's on 35k miles. It all sounds OK that yours isn't due for a while yet. I would be inclined to ring Service Plus an get a quote before doing anything else.
I really think I need to meet up with you peeps as I seem to know zilch about benz's.:eek:
Please forgive me if I ask lots of questions at the gtg in May.
I really think I need to meet up with you peeps as I seem to know zilch about benz's.:eek:
Please forgive me if I ask lots of questions at the gtg in May.

lol - make the most of it - it's what they're for - and having a few drinkies etc:devil: :devil: Not sure I'll have Edna with me as I might grab a lift off darling daughter - but I might. Can always just leave her at the hotel and walk in ;)
We have Tier 1 on the C32 and Service Plus on the ML.

To answer your first question: I have claimed on Tier 1 and it has proven to be incredibley comprehensive. If something breaks it's pretty much covered, except headlamps!! No quibble, the work is just done, very good.

If you do a search you'll find a big thread on Service Plus, but in a nutshell - Service Plus will cover you for the repair/replacement of anything not damaged deliberately or accidentally, which pretty means something fails in service. In addition wear and tear items are also covered, except tyres - so that includes brake discs/pads which are notoriously expensive at the dealer. Finally routine servicing is also included.

Tier 1 pretty much gives you the same level of cover that the manufacturers warranty does when the car leaves the showroom brand new. Very comprehensive and includes MOT failure cover.

Not come across anything covered by Tier 1 that wouldn't be covered by Service Plus, except breakdown cover. If you have FSH though your Mobilo life may offer you recovery in the event of a breakdown anyway though.

A long story but I was held up in making the decision on getting Service Plus on the C32. I wish I did now though, as the service cost alone was more than the Service Plus cost for 12 months - and remember Service Plus would pretty much mean that Tier 1 wouldn't have been required!! A big saving there.

Get quotes for Service Plus and multiply it up for 12 (or 24) months cover. Get quotes for your next one (or two) services, and include other service items such as brake fluid change, coolant change, brake change, spark plug change that will fall in the same period and add it to the Tier 1 cost. Should give you a good indication of which is best value for you.

I hope this helps...
Thanks for your help peeps, have done the sums and at the end of it all am 4,200 miles off an A service that is paid for the car is 3months into its 4th year and if I take out the service+ I can only have it for 1 year, so it would be uneconomical at the moment (unless of course sods law happens) would be better to take out around Decemberish as would then cover B service schedule.

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