Media Screen Flickering - replacement/repairs (W213) E220d 2019

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Nov 4, 2019
E220d AMG line Premium 2019
Hello all,

I have a question...

My vehicle: Mercedes-Benz E220d , 2019, (W213)

It seems my media screen have failure, in my opinion it need to be replaced.

Symptoms: Flickering, green cricles one at the bottom and one at the top of the media screen, it flicker so much and then goes completely black but..
the good news: dashboard is working perfectly fine, audio is working ,reverse camera working some times but it flicker also reverse camera working while the car is cold before a trip for 2 mins, aslo if the car is cold the screen is perfectly fine for about one minute.

My plan:

Im planning to replace the media screen, as I belive this is where the issue is. [(P.S the dealer asking price is way too high for £300-600 part)]


1. Is it better to replace the whole unit or just the media screen? as I know there is option to change just the media screen.
2. Is there any car mechanic that can be trusted around London area or even South East ?
3. Any idea if this screens are repairable at all or once the symptoms occour it goes in the bin?

MB fan

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