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    Hopefully I am posting this is the right forum.

    Just to tell you guys who are into some really nice old cars, many whom are MB's.....

    Meilenwerk in Berlin is a building opened in 1913 by Kaiser Wilhelm himself and used as a garage and repairshop for the Berlin Tramways in the past. Today it is used by a few companies selling (and buying) classic cars. One can also service them there and get repair work done.

    As per normal german way, it is spotless inside and many cars are prices at higher prices than new one's and look superb.

    Something else that suprised me are all the very very rare cars that are parked up on two floors, surrounded by glass and owned by collectors. Many who have not been there for years but just keep paying the rest. Some of the cars were Aston Martin Lagonda, Ferrari Dino, old Lambo's, a few Volvo P1800 ES estate's etc etc and a brand new C63 AMG in green (yuk).

    If in Berlin, I would highly recommend a visit and it is only 3 kms from Tegel Airport.

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