Mel Smith Dies

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May 14, 2011
New Forest
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Breaking news,Mel Smith comic dies of heart attack aged 60.

Very funny man,R.I.P
Great guy... Only 60 as well... Will be missed

I think he was into his motors I seem to remember...
He was very good in an episode of Hustle where he was a gangster and his son a would-be rapper! Excelent acting. RIP
Gave the impression he was a guy that "burned the candle at both ends" in his younger day :dk: In the mid noughties he was hospitalised for stomach problems from his addiction to the over the counter pain killer Nurofen Plus which unfortunately contains the opiate Codeine and can give you stomach ulcers. Like many comics he may have had personal demons to deal with despite his outwardly jovial demeanour in public. Sad end for a talented comedian. RIP:(
He appeared on Mastermind with badly slurred speech and looked in a very bad way
Mel Smith's 'frail and anxious' appearance on quiz sparks fears for comic legend's health | Mail Online
He bought a brand new Rolls Corniche for 250k back in 1990s -The Sun had an article on it, with Griff moaning about the obscene amount spent

Corniche with private plate used to be on GSView
I think he might have had number MS1 (now on Phantom)
Anyone remember him in Colin's Sandwich ? -that's a forgotten gem as was his performance as a racist garage owner in Brit 1980s west indian obscurity Babylon
He was certainly a top talent on his day and a truly brilliant writer. He also knew how to throw a great party.......RIP.

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Sad news indeed, colin's sandwich was great. Some clips of that on utube
Rip , only a relatively young man , very sad

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