Merc drivers in Gloucestershire to be the top regional high miler in the UK

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    "Nationwide study reveals Merc drivers in Gloucestershire to be the top regional high miler in the UK
    SUVs in rural locations consistently cover long distances
    Drivers in Scotland and the South West work their cars the hardest
    Annual London mileage figures a quarter below average
    Subaru Legacy is the overall high mileage champion
    Mercedes owners based in Gloucestershire rack up almost 50% as many miles more than the average motorist, according to a study by Warranty Direct.

    Cars wearing the three pointed star in the South West area are estimated to cover an average of 14,684 miles each year, 46% more than the national average of 10,076 miles and some 18% more than the average figure for Gloucestershire itself.

    Elsewhere in the UK, Land Rovers prove their ‘go further’ mantra as they are the hardest-working vehicles in Hampshire, West Yorkshire, Leicestershire and Berkshire – more regions than any other car – with each registering an average mileage of over 13,000.

    Overall, Subaru’s cars have the most annual mileage put on them, with an average of 13,740; the Japanese brand’s Legacy is also the highest-miling individual model.

    Swedish manufacturers Volvo and Saab both were both revealed as popular choices for high milers, appearing in third and sixth place respectively, while vehicles from top-selling marques Ford and BMW clearly appeal to those who cover long distances as the brands registered 9th and 10th overall.

    Cars in Scotland or the South West do the most miles in the UK, with Stirlingshire, Perthshire Gloucestershire, and Somerset all featuring in the top 10 locations for high-mileage cars.

    Away from rolling hills and countryside, cars registered in London are far more likely to spend more time sat in traffic than negotiating winding roads - Londoners clocked up characteristically low mileage figure of 7,990, or 26% below average.

    David Gerrans, managing director at Warranty Direct commented: “The mileage you do will dictate how quickly certain components on your car could deteriorate, as well as how long you have between service intervals.

    “Naturally, some people work their cars harder than others and that means they need to be mindful of the potential for servicing and maintenance costs to rise.”

    The highest mileage vehicles according to Warranty Direct data

    Highest mileage by region/brand Average annual mileage
    Gloucestershire – Mercedes Benz 14,684
    Hampshire – Land Rover 14,076
    West Yorkshire – Land Rover 13,953
    Kent - Volvo 13,714
    Essex - Citroen 13,667
    Leicestershire – Land Rover 13,615
    Merseyside - Audi 13,578
    Hampshire - Volvo 13,432
    Somerset - BMW 13,396
    Berkshire – Land Rover 13,277
    Highest mileage by region Average annual mileage
    Stirlingshire 12,984
    Perthshire 12,536
    County Down 12,454
    Gloucestershire 11,900
    East Lothian 11,710
    Somerset 11,707
    Northumberland 11,537
    Oxfordshire 11,470
    Wiltshire 11,320
    County Durham 11,219

    Highest mileage by brand Average annual mileage
    Subaru 13,740
    Ssangyong 12,136
    Volvo 11,663
    Nissan 11,090
    Volkswagen 10,899
    Saab 10,884
    Audi 10,873
    Land Rover 10,766
    Ford 10,215
    BMW 10,180
    Highest mileage by model Average annual mileage
    Subaru Legacy 15,976
    Nissan Navara 15,376
    Volvo V50 13,578
    Audi A8 13,546
    Volvo XC60 13,250
    Volvo V70 13,226
    Audi A5 12,830
    Volvo XC70 12,695
    Volkswagen Tiguan 12,402
    Audi Q7 12,321"
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    I'll bet 99% of these high-milers would rather have a job "just down the road" and keep their mileage much lower... Statistically, they're likely to live longer too.

    Sadly, companies (particularly big ones) love to move you form one end of the countly to the other to suit their own agenda. How you get there is your problem...
  3. OP

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    Thing is we don't know how much of that driving is work or leisure related.
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    It's interesting that you mention the health issue. I spent 25 years as a high business miles driver and wonder if you meant health risk due to accident or stress?

    I've found that I became less worried about other road users unless there was a real risk of collision.
    I also became less stressed about punctuality where I had no control over circumstances such as traffic congestion. It helped that I usually planned to arrive early (my Mrs would agree!) so, in reality, was never that late anyway.

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