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Mar 17, 2016
Dereham, Norfolk
C220 CDI Coupe AMG Sport Auto
Just had a B service done on my C Class coupe C204 with Merc Pro of Wymondham. Car collected from my house, serviced and returned for £215!! And a Armed Forces discount. Main dealer quoted me £556 and I would have had to wait there. Will be booking my gearbox service and fuel filter change on Monday. Highly recommend Merc-Pro!!!
How much are they asking for the gearbox service?
How much are they asking for the gearbox service?

Generally £150-240 seems the norm, depending upon who does it, and which transmission you have. This week I received quotes for £120+VAT for the Mercedes 5-speed, and £200+VAT for the Mercedes 7-speed, both from the same automatic transmission specialist.
£199 including VAT. And I'm getting the fuel filter done too for £75 inclusive

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