Mercedes 123 1977 2.0L Petrol Parts Help

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Mar 9, 2020
United Kingdom
Merc 123 series
Hi All, I've inherited a Merc 123 1977 2.0L petrol (engine number starts 115), in need of slight restoration. Where do people get there parts from in the UK, tried all my local motor factors and they don't have anything listed for head gasket/ gasket set, brake callipers, exhaust system, radiator. Also is there any good suppliers of panel work, Im possibly in need of a pair of front wings.

Thanks Ian
Here >> 1977 MERCEDES-BENZ 230 2.3L L4 Brake & Wheel Hub Parts | RockAuto is for USA spec 1977 230. Engine parts (gaskets) seem to be currently out of stock but there are brake calipers.
Despite the shipping costs (there is a method to minimise that with multiple items ordered) prices overall are usually competitive.

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