mercedes 190 cosworth 2.516v

Discussion in 'Engine' started by uk174, Aug 8, 2011.

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    ,190cosworth,420 sl,
    Once again i call upon all you knowledgeable chaps out there for advice. Have finally got round to changing the distributor cap on my 1989 2,5 cossie,in the hope that it helps cure idle problem and slight misfire.After having taken original cap off have noticed that it is marked 1 2 3 and 4 for the ht lead connectiion,but have noticed that the replacement cap from KMS parts has no such numbering. So how do i know where to connect the ht leads to the correct point.Have noticed too that the spark from the leads is good so am i correct in assuming that i dont require new ht leads ?
    please forgive my ignorance in such matters
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    Oct 1, 2009
    190e 2.3-16v and 190e 3.2 AMG
    Hi UK

    If the spark from the HT is good...then leave it!

    This is the diagram for a 2.3-16, but i am pretty sure its the same for the 2.5-16


    hope this helps out
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    Sure you got the right grade of plugs installed and gapped correctly? A tuned twin cam engine with a few miles under its belt such as the Cosworth may have a slight misfire at idle almost by nature. Other possibility is the valve clearances may need setting-- often ignored because the solid cam followers need to be shimmed to the correct clearance unlike hydraulic tappets. This is a very time consuming job best left to someone with lots of experience of doing it imho.

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