Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 EVO1

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I will get a 190e 2.5 16v when I have enough space to store one ;)
It is definatley on the list :thumb:
Good grief,what an add :crazy: No mileage info,owners or nothing
Does he expects someone to go there,give 15k and tell him to keep the change
It says 5 previous owners, but bear in mind this is probably only the owners its had in the UK since it was imported here in 1997.... So there are probably more from its time in Germany or wherever....
Isnt that the one thats been written off?
Lol that might explain his brevity ;)o
Isnt that the one thats been written off?

Yep - apparantly so.

I drove over 500 miles as a round trip to buy this car 4-5 years ago, and walked away from it at less than half the price.

Several serious issues back then. For a rare car like an Evolution 2.5-16 it was a shame :(

If the car is recorded on VCAR then the seller isn't doing themselves any favours by not stating that, would save everyone involved a lot of time :wallbash:

Such a shame! What a beautiful car.. What was wrong with it?
after looking at the ad note the words "For those who know what they are looking at "
my first reacation was .......I am looking at a black car with pictures taken at night !
now even more horrified that it has such a chequered past
good job we have good network with knowledge of the marketplace !

Don't you just love it when sellers play a gangsta saying their sh!t is "rare" and don't even to write a few words about it?
Evo Is are rare.
Evo Is are rare.

Undamaged, clean, original ones maybe :)

This car has a pretty chequered history behind it, and has been discussed a few times before - it's spent longer on sale than it has been used on UK roads it seems...

Current seller seems to be intent on hiding it's past - no details in the advert, new numberplate and not disclosing that it's a write-off on VCAR does not bode well with me.

The sad thing is that this car is now tainted and will never be able to be sold without a thread like this and the more heated thread on the 190 forum popping up.(the owners brother in law joins up just to give both barrels and really ruins his BIL's chances of selling it:doh:)

If the seller had stated its history, the fact that it had been a cat c and the fact that he had spent lots of money on it to sort it's many problems(which is debatable in its self) then threads like this wouldn't be doing the rounds!!

The seller really has shot himself in the foot here trying to deceive(with lots of hindrance from his brother in law:doh:)

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