MERCEDES 300ce Mosselman AMG Teddy Mayers car very big money

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What a horrendous advert for what is probably a very interesting car
Boy it freaks me out to see the third picture of the car taken from inside another car passing by. Do you think the owner knows it's for sale?

All of them, except the front three-quarter view, are the same. It's not a well-done ad, but if what is claimed is true, there is provenance right back to purchase. I'd want to see a very full history file for that sort of money, but I'm prepared to believe it could be worth it if it all checked out.
Seems strange that the buyer went out of his way to purchase an "historic" car, but can't be bothered to clean it or take sufficient detailed pics when trying to sell it!

He could just be the worlds worst salesman or a joker trying it on!! :fail
£16,000 and a rubbish, lack of effort advert, and poor photos
^^^ plus the fact that he apparently passed off a fake Rolex as real does not exactly inspire confidence in the seller.
Shame car looks a bit rough , I don't even want tho think what the interior is like

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