Mercedes A class W169 command problems not working

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by stephenbrewer, Aug 3, 2017.

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    Aug 1, 2017
    Mercedes A Class A180 CDI W169
    I have searched everywhere for help with this but can’t find specific guidance for my car. I drive a 2006 plate Mercedes A Class W169 A180 CDI. It’s a great car for doing the daily commute (has all the toys I need like sat nav and Bluetooth etc).
    So Monday morning I was up early to get to work for a couple of early meetings. Sat in the car and tried to start it and it was completely dead. Realised fairly quickly that the battery was flat as the electronics were barely reacting and the car just made a ticking noise when turning the key.

    No problem I thought, as my jump leads will get it started. I haven’t used them for some time but they are good quality and pretty much new condition. Connected to my wife’s car and got the car started no problem, took a little while for the battery to gain enough charge to start it (5-10 seconds).

    However after jumping in the car I soon realised that all was not well. I had no sat nav, no Bluetooth phone connection and no CD changer. The Command sat nav display shows the Mercedes star logo for 30 seconds or so and then goes off. Also the engine warning light was on for the first drive. After parking at work and starting the car later on the engine warning light has gone – may be relevant or of interest but seems fine now?

    So I am left with no nav / stereo etc – amazing how boring the commute is now!

    From researching the forums it appears that jump starting the car has probably caused an electrical spike / surge that will have taken out part of my MOST network?? I have found lots of advice regarding C class and E class cars but nothing much on A class W169. My main questions revolve around what components I can narrow it down to. The car has a command system as I mentioned. Then a 6 disc CD changer in the glove box and a HFP Bluetooth module in the armrest. I don’t think the Bluetooth is an issue as when I remove it from the armrest it makes no difference (it’s just a clip in unit). I am hoping it may be the cd changer as I never use it, and I will just buy the fibre loop and remove the changer from the system if this is the case. The cd changer makes a noise when you start the car but no lights are on and it sounds like it’s strugglng. However does anyone know if there is a separate audio gateway module in the W169 as I can’t find it anywhere. Most of the forum posts regarding this seem to point to the audio gateway being the likely cause.

    So that’s one question. Other question is how do I remove the CD changer from the glove box? There is a small screw down the left hand side which I assume needs to be removed. However it doesn’t come out after that. There is some movement but I don’t want to force it too hard in case I damage anything. Does anyone have any advice.

    So I summary something in the car is not right.
    I need advice around:
    1. Is there an Audio gateway in the A class W169 with command (AGW). If so where is it?
    2. What is likely to be broken on my MOST network
    3. How to remove the CD changer

    Really appreciate any help that you can give me. Failing finding it myself it will mean a trip to a local auto electrician which I am hoping to avoid!



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