Mercedes Alustyle Bicycle Carrier | Bike Rack for roof bars | Spare Part or Repair

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Listed on eBay:
No key: Mercedes Alustyle Bicycle Carrier | Bike Cycle Rack for roof bars | eBay
No key and some damage: Mercedes Alustyle Bicycle Carrier | Bike Cycle Rack for roof bars | eBay

I'm selling two bike racks for SPARE PARTS or REPAIR as they do NOT come with a key, and one has some light damage.

These bike racks could still be used if you use cable ties or another appropriate means of securing the bike safely in position (see text below for more details), however in the interests of safety I can only recommend that they are used for spare parts or are repaired before use.

These bike racks could be a useful source for parts if you have damaged your existing bike rack. The price of the wheel chocks/wedges and mounts are reassuringly expensive if purchased from your Mercedes-Benz dealer!

I purchased both bike racks last year through eBay, and despite assurances from the seller that it was complete and working, it transpired that the keys were missing when I came to use the racks.

Unfortunately the key is required for releasing the main securing strap/clasp, however I have used both bike carriers by securing the bike with a couple of well placed cable ties. I travelled more than 400 miles without incident - the bikes were just as well secured at the end of the journey as they were at the start.

Here's how Mercedes-Benz describes the Alustyle cycle carriers:

  • Extremely lightweight bicycle rack designed to be attached to the Mercedes-Benz basic carrier bars or basic carrier bars for roof rails.
  • Bicycles can be mounted in one of two ways: to the rack, once it has been fitted to the roof, or conveniently at ground level, before the rack is fitted.
  • The support frame folds down when not in use to reduce drag when travelling without bikes.
  • Suitable for cycles with a max. frame diameter of 98 mm (circular frame tubes) or 110 x 70 m (oval frame tubes).
  • Requires Mercedes-Benz Roof Carrier Bars.
Please check compatibility with your roof carrier bars or roof rack before bidding.


PS Remember, there's NO KEY!
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Auction ends tomorrow. Cheap source of spare parts.

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