Mercedes-AMG reveals new 802hp S63 E Performance

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Thanks for including the link 👍
I know opinions have been very divided online, but I really like this. Imposing and aggressive but without being too fussy. 802bhp too!!

There are loads of other models in the range for those who want a more traditional S-Class experience. As an AMG product I think this hits the spot nicely!
There is no oil crisis in the world producing fuel when AMG still can make high powered cars.
Only eco-fascists like Greta the Swede can fool people into thinking oil is the devil's product!
We love petrol, automotive manufacturing has been around for more than a century now.

According to Greta it's all cars in traffic causing temps raising around the world, yeah right. :rolleyes:

Greta says, we have to ban every vehicle using petrol and diesel. :eek:
Greta's mummy and daddy can afford to buy a new Tesla every year, they are very wealthy and famous people in Sweden. o_O

To hell with those fanatic eco-fascists! :wallbash:
Looks great, I’ll take it
800 bhp is a ridiculous, dangerous amount of power to put in a road legal street car.
800 bhp is a ridiculous, dangerous amount of power to put in a road legal street car.
I don't know about dangerous, it only goes as fast as you command it with your right foot? Plus at 2500kgs it's power-to-weight is on par with lots of other cars already available.
21 miles electric-only range? Whoop-de-doo...
And you could map it to nearly 1000bhp. It’s awesome.
I wonder how easily a hybrid can be mapped? Is it do-able despite the powertrain complexity?
I dare say the petrol part of the powertrain could be, and if so, no doubt somebody will have it done, but the battery part might be a little bit tricky...
I wonder what the brabus version would push
A Boeing 747?

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