Mercedes Automatic C250 CDI (2014) Intermittent Engine Light - P2600 Code

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Aug 24, 2023
C250 CDI 2014
I have been getting an intermittent engine light and I’m not sure what to do. The light has been coming and going for a few weeks now. I have not taken it to a garage as it has been so intermittent. Today I read the code using an OBD as a P2600 ‘Coolant pump control circuit/open’ code. Nothing seems to be obviously wrong with the car, so it’s strange why this code has shown up and why it comes and goes frequently without me doing anything other than driving as normal.

I don’t think this is at all related but I might as well include as it may help. I bought this car around 6 months ago and it has run fine until recently I noticed a minor change. I noticed when putting the car in ‘park’ without using the pedal handbrake the car seemed to roll slightly further before stopping. It was a slight change but enough for me to notice. It has been doing this ever since.

If anybody has any advice for me on these issues that would be great. Thank you


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The coolant pump is controlled electronically and is mapped to the engine. It will engage when needed and disengage when not needed. there could be a bad electrical connection or the control valve may be intermittently faulty. either way I would get it to an MB specialist who can advise.

Putting the car in park without the handbrake is fine to do and the car will roll until the locking gear engages in the gear box. This is perfectly normal.

I haven't used the handbrake on mine for years :)

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