Mercedes benz 190e, 2.3-16 / 2.5-16 original factory cosworth body kit

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Jul 2, 2014
This ad is for a original factory cosworth bodykit still on the car ( very clean), you are welcome to take the complete car or just the bodykit alone, you will need to take this of the car yourself although I will be able to help you remove it off the car if need be.

The kit itself is 100% original painted in metallic black, with no chips or cracks, this is not your usual fibre glass copy, all the panels are complete and original high quality factory spec with part numbers stamped, all covers for the jacking points are complete ( x4 ), all 4 wheel fenders are complete, 8 x side door/wing mouldings are complete, ( not waving or out of shape ), original rear boot lid spoiler complete, both front and rear bumpers are complete, all moulding are free from any damage, although the rear bumper has a square cut out ( size of a match box) not sure if this had a tow-bar fitted or something similar, can be easily covered ( see picture ).

I bought the car as it is for the interior, the car does have all standard grey trim fitted back to the car, I have not heard the car running ( should start) as it has been in storage for the last 2-3 years, the car does not come with any wheels as the previous owner wanted them back, as I quoted earlier THIS AD IS FOR A ORIGINAL FACTORY COSWORTH BODYKIT, but you are welcome to take the complete car with the cosworth bodykit, if you just want the bodykit alone like I have mentioned before you will need to take this off the car but I will be able to help you remove this off the car, I will NOT break the body kit unless the offer is right, other wise you are buying a complete original factory cosworth bodykit, the car is a 2.0 auto 1987/ D reg, ABS, L.S.D model, ( as mentioned earlier, I have not heard the car running) as I only bought the car for the interior, if you want to take the complete car with the bodykit I will provide wheels for loading on to a trailer, or you can bring your own wheels, the car is located in the HP6 area, cash on collection for more info call me on 07576195640


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