Mercedes Benz 560 SEL (w126) Koenig-Specials

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Sep 20, 2019
w211, w124
Ultra rare Mercedes Benz 560 SEL (w126) Koenig-Specials photos. One of last few last who left on world.
Recommend for everyone W126 fans.

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I used to see these all the time along with their Gullwing SEC relatives around Mayfair when I was a young apprentice at the Connaught Hotel. 1983-86.
Looks like a mafia car from an episode of Miami Vice.
It's very tall in the rear, didn't they lowering springs in the 80's or cut a few coils off?
The same side strakes Herr König added to the SEL are the ones he removed from the Testarossa. I knew I'd seen them somewhere before.
A modified SEL features in the linked article.

"However, it became even more comical when König later in the eighties attempted to modify precisely the Testarossa. This time his main course of action consisted of removing the aforementioned side strakes! I can’t help but conclude that he must have been a brilliant salesman when he could sell both modifications concurrently, explaining the undoubtedly extortionate prices with equal conviction, regardless of whether it was for his services of adding or removing the gills."
Is this car for sale ?
Hi! No sale, this is fan video about rare Koenig. 🤣I think need change nickname as soon possible.

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