Mercedes Benz Enthusiast Magazine car feature

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Jul 19, 2013
West Midlands
1989 560 SEL AMG Japanese Import | 2014 A180 CDI AMG SPORT
I've been getting the car prep't, ready and on the road and in doing so I managed to get in touch with a columnist writer from MB enthusiast Mag and asked if they would like to feature my 560 SEL Jap import in their magazine and sure enough they said yes!

The car has a lot of original characteristics including aftermarket AMG features which is as original 1980's gangster MB AMG as you can get, not everyones cup of tea, but when you sit in and drive it you really do feel like your re-living a past life moment and time traveled from the late 80s, very nostalgic felling, especially when you got Vanilla Ice playing in the CD player lol

I Will keep you guys posted, plans to meet and take photographs are next week, weather permitting will let you know which months/issue it will be in to

Watch this space
I love the way it doesn't fit in the allocated car park space. :):)
Mate, thats just evil lol, Love it she looks great ;)

Graig Pusey from Mercedes Enthusiate taking a few shots 4page spread to follow!

A Photo from Mercedes Enthusiast Magazine Shoot: Craig Pusey Photography.


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Flippen awesome, same chap who did the pic's of my 380 sel wen that was featured great photographer :)

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